RHEL7 Notes

Collection of things for RHEL7 that are new to me


Change the hostname

hostnamectl set-hostname <new hostname>
hostnamectl status

System Services

systemctl status <service>
systemctl enable/disable <service>
systemctl start/stop <service>

List Running/Failed Services

systemctl --state=failed
systemctl --state=running

Set Runlevels

systemctl isolate multi-user (switch to runlevel 3)
systemctl isolate graphical.target (switch to runlevel 5)

systemctl set-default multi-user.target
systemctl set-default graphical.target

RedHat removed the package kmod-forcedeth from RHEL7 because it was mainly used for older hardware that they no longer wanted to support. Our older systems that use nvidia network cards needed this package. Since it's not available, I can't run my automated kickstart installation because it requires the network. Workaround (which is awful) is to just install a regular system (without networking) and then manually install the kmod-forcedeth package. After that, you can configure the network ok.

Unfortunately, this requires a lot of manual screwing around to get the system back to what it would be using our kickstart file.

NFS doesn't work. Need to make sure all the packages are installed.
yum groupinstall network-file-system-client
yum groupinstall network-tools

systemctl enable rpcbind.socket
systemctl restart rpcbind.service