The Electronics Development Group is located in the Accelerator building and is part of the Enrico Fermi Institute of the University of Chicago. The role of the "eshop" is to work with students and faculty members on cutting edge electronic engineering design. In the eshop, students can design, route, build and test boards under the supervision of an electronics engineer. Faculty save money by having their students do some of the work. Eshop engineers are available to help with research for grant proposals as well. Past electronics systems designed and built in the eshop are currently being used in experiments worldwide.

The eshop makes available to faculty and students the latest electronic design automation (EDA) software and test equipment, enabling users to fully simulate any designs before the actual build process and test it out once it has been completed. If you are interested in working in the eshop, would like to take a tour or have any other questions, please email Mary Heintz.

Updated: October 2019