Geosciences - Vacuum Control Unit

Parts List
Assembly List
Zipped PCB Manufacturing Files - if you want more circuit boards, these are the files to send

TPG 256 A - Vacuum Measurement and Control Unit for Compact Gauges - MaxiGauge
Angle Valve Info
CHILI Vacuum Control Unit Diagram (3 February 2010)
CHILI Vacuum Control Unit Diagram (16 December 2009)
CHILI VCU Normal Operations Indicators
Display and Operating Unit
Gate Valves Info
IO Connectors (pdf)
IO Connectors (xls)
LCPVEK Solenoid Operation Valves - Instruction Manual
STP Turbomolecular Pump (STP-603/1003 Series) - Instruction Manual
SCU-XL800 Control Unit - Instruction Manual
Pumping Operations with DCU
STP Turbomolecular Pump (STP-L301/L451 Series)- Instruction Manual
TurboDrag Pump - Operating Instructions
VCU Connectors (pdf)
VCU Connectors (pptx)
VCU IO Terminals
VCU Panels (Version 2)
VCU Panels (Version 1)
XDS Dry Pump - Instruction Manual
Relay Driver Datasheets
VSBU-120-D512 +5V, +12V dual outputs supply datasheet
Updated: March 2013