Software Available in the Eshop
Printers Available in the Eshop
NameModelLocationCapabilitiesLinux Command
edg1HP Laserjet 5200By Tang and MirceaB/W, letter and tabloidlpr -Pedg1 <file>
edg2Phaser 8560MFPBy GabyColor, copier, scannerlpr -Pedg2 <file>
edg3DesignJet 800PSIn main shop areaColor, ANSI A,B,C,Dlpr -Pplotter <file>
edg4Phaser 8560DNIn main shop areaColorlpr -Pphaser <file>

Printing Notes

When plotting, please be sure to flatten any files before sending to the printer.

The following table shows the sizes that are available to our plotter

ANSI A (letter)8 1/2 x 11
ANSI B (tabloid)11 x 17
ANSI C17 x 22
ANSI D22 x 34
Updated: October 2020