Setting Up a New Cadence Project
Sysadmin Notes

Here is the end of our .cdsinit file. I edited this and saved it in the examples directory so everyone would get the changes. I don't remember exactly how it looked before I edited it, so here's the bit that's important.

V1.6.0.3DM .cdsinit File

      ( index(getVersion() "5.1")  loadContext(strcat( ibmPdkPath "cmrf8sf/V1.6.0.3DM/cdslib51/Skill/ibmPdkProc
                                      hiRegTimer("ibmPdkInit()" 1))
      ( t warn("ibmPdkProcs file not loaded. \n"))

load(strcat( ibmPdkPath "cmrf8sf/V1.6.0.3DM/cdslib51/Skill/"))

;; Calibre setup

;; Load Calibre Skill Interface if environment var is set

if( mgc_home!=nil && isDir(mgc_home) && isReadable(mgc_home) then
    ; Load calibre.skl for Cadence versions 4.4 and greater
    load(strcat(mgc_home "/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/calibre.skl"))
    ; MGC_HOME is not set
    printf("Calibre Skill Interface not loaded.\n")
;; End of Calibre Skill Interface
V1.4.0.12DM .cdsinit File

      ( rexMatchp("4.4.5" getVersion())      warn( "4.4.5 not supported") )
      ( rexMatchp("4.4.6" getVersion())      warn( "4.4.6 is not supported") )
      ( rexMatchp(" 5[.]0" getVersion())     loadContext(strcat( AMSPath "cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/cdslib/Skill/proc
                                             hiRegTimer("trInsertMenu()" 1))
      ( rexMatchp(" 5[.]1" getVersion())     loadContext(strcat( AMSPath "cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/cdslib/Skill/proc
                                             hiRegTimer("trInsertMenu()" 1))


;;Uncomment the following lines to override AMS utils DIVA switch settings
;;ams->DIVAdrcSwitches = "GridCheck"
;;ams->DIVAextSwitches = "resimulate_extracted"

;;load(strcat( AMSPath "cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/cdslib/Skill/"))
load(strcat( AMSPath "cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/cdslib/Skill/"))

;; Integrate Calibre menu
load( strcat( getShellEnvVar("CALIBRE_HOME") "/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/calibre.skl" ))

We were using the V1.4.0.12DM file mostly and the one sort of big problem was in using vs. The problem was that with the AMS bindkey file, users could select something, but they could not unselect it. It was weird. This strange problem went away after we started using the CDS bindkey file.

The other thing to note is that if you want to use Calibre (later to run DRC), you need to either set MGC_HOME or CALIBRE_HOME. Since our Calibre was not located in our Mentor Graphics tree, we set CALIBRE_HOME. And I edited the .cdsinit file so that it looked for CALIBRE_HOME instead of MGC_HOME.

Updated: August 2009
Mary Heintz