Notes for July 20, 2009 Submission

The design needs to pass DRC using the drc.rul file from IBM_PDK V1.6. All other checks, LVS and RCX, should be done with files from the IBM_PDK V1.4.

In your cds.lib file, the settings for cmrf8sf and esd8rf should be as follows:

DEFINE cmrf8sf /nfs/net/sw/mosis/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/cdslib/cmrf8sf
DEFINE esd8rf /nfs/net/sw/mosis/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/cdslib/esd8rf

If they reference another location, change them to the above.

Here are some screenshots of the DRC, LVS and RCX input screens.

drc settings

The Rules File is /net/sw/mosis/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.6.0.2DM/Assura/DRC/drc.rul

lvs settings

The rules files are all in /net/sw/mosis/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/Assura/LVS

rcx settings

The setup directory is /net/sw/mosis/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.4.0.12DM/Assura/RCX/32

Odds and Ends

You may get a warning or error about the library avTech not being found. Normally, after showing the warning, the program will automatically add the library to your cds.lib file.

Upon closing icfb, you may be prompted to resave your display.drf file. It does not matter whether you save it again or not. However, upon reopening, when going to layout, the program may complain about undefined packets in display.drf. I am still trying to find out why this is.

Updated: July 2009