COMplete DESign CATalog aborted

Sometimes when attemping to complete a catalog in Boardstation Librarian, you will get this error:

Error: Problem occurred in reading catalog file. (from: Idea/Librarian/Data Prep C7)
Error: COMplete DESign CATalog aborted. (from: Idea/Librarian/Data Prep2 02)
To fix this and be able to complete the catalog, do the following:
  1. Quit Librarian and in unix, go to the project directory and copy design_maps to design_maps_copy
  2. Go into the design_maps directory and run
    rm design.*
  3. Restart Librarian and try to complete the catalog again (run it twice)
    You should get an error like this on the second run:
    Error: Cannot complete design catalog due to 
     - No catalogs have been read in besides the design.catalog. (from: Idea/Librarian/Data Prep2 0B)
  4. Go to Catalogs -> Add Other Catalog Link and select design_maps_copy/design.catalog
  5. Run complete catalog twice to complete the catalog On the second attempt, should get:
    Note: Congratulations! The Design Catalog is complete. (from: Idea/Librarian/Data Prep2 05)
  6. Save the design

In your design_maps directory, you should now have a new design.pcb_catalog_1 and design.Pcb_catalog.attr. However, if you quit Librarian and then reopen it, you'll have the same problem of not being able to complete the catalog. We are working on solving that issue.

Updated: February 2012