Mentor Graphics Extended Print

Tang's B-Size Setup

In your home directory, look for a mgc directory. If you have an ezprint directory inside, delete the ezprint directory.

Start dmgr and go to MGC -> Setup -> Printer. This should copy the EDG printer info to your own ~/mgc/ezprint directory.

Export a PDF

The easiest thing to do here is to export to a pdf file. On the Basics choice, just check your settings for paper media and size, action and where you want the output file to go.

export pdf
Printers Available to Mentor Graphics
edg1(, LaserJet 5200, outside of 126/127. Has B-size paper in tray2 and A-size in tray3.
phaser(, Phaser 8560, in 123. Has A-size paper and prints in color
plotter(, Designjet T770ps, outside of 126/127. Prints A,B,C and D sizes.

On the basics page, the first step is to select Print as your action and the printer you want to use. In the screenshot below, the sizes A and B are available because the printer selected (edg1) was set up with A and B size paper.


Say you wanted to print to a B page and you selected B on the paper size. You next have to go to the Output -> Postscript page and select Tray 2 as your printer tray because the B-size paper is in tray 2.

tray selection

The Printers page gives you the list of available printers and some information about them.


The Setup -> Spooling Command shows the actual command that the software will run to print your file.

spooling command

For reference, here is a table of spooling commands that should work.

Old Mentor Printer NamePrint Command
Alp -d edg1 <Filename>
Blp -d edg1 -o PageSize="11x17" <Filename>
Clp -d plotter -o PageSize="AnsiC" <Filename>
Dlp -d plotter -o PageSize="AnsiD" <Filename>
coloralp -d phaser <Filename>
colorblp -d plotter -o PageSize="Tabloid"<Filename>
colorclp -d plotter -o PageSize="AnsiC"<Filename>
colordlp -d plotter -o PageSize="AnsiD"<Filename>

Note that these commands will send the file to the right size paper, it will not necessarily scale an A-size file to a B-size file. In fact, the edg1 printer does not have that capability built-in to the printer. The plotter can do this, with a -o HPAutoScaling='Letter|Tabloid|AnsiC|AnsiD' choice added to the print command. By default, the plotter also prints in color, you can turn it off in the Basics page (set output to color, grayscale or black and white) or you can add the option -o HPColorOutput="ColorPrint|GrayscalePrint|BlackAndWhitPrint'. (Note that White is missing the final e in the last choice.)


output postscript

setup spooling command

Updated: September 2011