PSEC Pump Info

Henry's turbopump system used with the modified pizza oven is a HiCube 80 Eco, Turbo Pumping Station from Pfeiffer.

Compact FullRange Gauge
Electronic Drive Unit
HiPace 80 Turbopump
Display and Control Unit
HiCube 80 Eco Turbo Pumping Station
MVP 015-2 Diaphragm Pump

Rich added a cross to allow more items to be connected. The image below shows the pumping station with the cross attached and the connection types and sizes.

pumping station

We have decided that any options that we'll be attaching to the system will be KF25. We have an adapter going from CF40 to KF25 on the right side that is then connected to the hose that goes to the oven. We'll put the same adapter on the left side of the cross and use a gauge with a KF25 connection. Finally, we'll add an adapter that goes from CF63 to KF25 to the top of the cross for anything else we might want to connect. With these adapters and the connections we have on the cross, we should be able to connect anything we want.

The pump is connected to the insert in the oven using Swagelok VCR connectors. Basically, this is connecting two threaded pipes together. A VCR gasket is used between the two pipes. Our insert has a 3/4" VCR connection coming out of the back, which is the connection to the pump. There is also a 1/4" connection on top of the insert on the front of the oven which is where the nitrogen gas will be hooked up.

nitrogen connection
1/4" VCR connection for nitrogen
pump connection
3/4" VCR connection for pump

Note that there is a gauge connected to a T off the 3/4" VCR connection. The maximum operating temperature for this gauge is 55C.

General Vacuum Pump Info

Basic types of fittings for pumps.

Conflat Flange (CF)Quick Flange (KF)ISO Flange (ISO)Swagelok VCR
conflat flange
Conflat flanges are connected with bolts
quick flange
Quick flanges are connected with a clamshell connector
ISO Flange
ISO flanges are connected using clamps with hooks
VCR connection
VCR connections are threaded

Conflat Flange (CF)
The Conflat Flange system uses a copper gasket between the two flanges that are then screwed together with bolts. When a conflat flange is taken apart, the gasket should be replaced with a new one.

Sometimes CF flanges are listed by their CF number, other times by the size in inches.

InchesCF Number
1 1/3"CF16
2 3/4"CF25
4 1/2"CF63

Conflat flanges are connected with a copper gasket between the flanges that are bolted together. The image below showswhat a new gasket looks like (still in the package) and a used gasket. Note that the used gaskets should not be reused after the flanges are separated. The used gasket will have an indentation where the flanges grabbed into it.

new and used gaskets

Quick Flange (KF)
The quick release flange is known by a number of different names: Quick Flange (QF), Klein Flange (KF), NW and sometimes DN. KF is the most common. This system uses a centering ring with a built-in O-ring inside of a clamp holding everything together.

kf o-ring gasket
Sample O-ring gasket for KF

Swagelok VCR (VCR)
VCR connections are threaded and require a gasket between the fittings. Gaskets can be made out of nickel, stainless steel or copper. In our system, we're using stainless steel gaskets. We need two sizes 1/4" and 3/4" for the two VCR connections.

The gaskets must be checked with a microscope before being installed. If any dust or scratches are seen on the surface, the gasket will leak. Here is a sample gasket, still in its packaging.

vcr gasket vcr gasket

ISO Flange (ISO)
The ISO flanges tend to be used for larger sizes. The smallest ISO flange is 63.5mm. They are held together using clamps that hook onto the flanges or screws that go through the flanges, with a copper gasket between them.

iso copper gasket
ISO gasket in flange

Updated: March 2013