The 4-Channel, 12-BIT 500MHz ADC Board



Revision B - RJ45 and/or LEMO Connectors

Schematics - Schematics in pdf format. 

Layout - Board fabrication and assembly documentation.

Revision A - Prototype

Schematics - Prototype  schematics in pdf format. 

Layout - Prototype board fabrication and assembly documentation.

Documentation for the 100 Ohm Differential Configuration

Project Related Materials


- Custom 12-Bit, 500MHz ADC/Data Processing Module for the KOTO Experiment at J-Parc - M. Bogdan, J-F. Genat, Y. Wah. - IEEE NPSS Real Time Conference, May 24-28, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal, PID1308887_1226.pdf, Poster

- Altera_Project


- 500MHz FADC Boards for Jparc-K preliminary proposal - Telecon Oct.9, 2009: 500MHz_ADC_Module.ppt, 500MHz_ADC_Module.pdf


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