Annie's Central Card

System Control and Trigger Module for the Annie Experiment at Fermilab




Schematics - Prototype  schematics in pdf format. 

Layout - Prototype board fabrication and assembly documentation.

Project Related Materials


9/5/2017 - Testing of the ANNIE Central Card for a 5-15GSps PSEC4 Readout System

FPGA Reference Project Zipped:

FPGA Reference Project Zipped: and ACC_Module_2_18_2016.qar

9/18/2015 - Status Report: ACC_Status_Report_9_18_2015.pdf and ACC_Status_Report_9_18_2015.ppt

8/21/2015 - Status Report: ACC_Status_Report_8_21_2015.pdf and ACC_Status_Report_8_21_2015.ppt



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