ATLAS FTK: S-link Interface (Dual HOLA) (B2714)

ATLAS FTK S-link Interface (Dual HOLA)  (B2714) Design Files B2714 PCB Top/Bot View (Prototype)
Proto Schematics               Production Schematics      B2714 top/bottom view
Proto Artworks (B2714art.pdf) Production Artwork (B2714art_prod.pdf) B2714 front view
Proto Assembly (B2714asm.pdf) Production Assembly (B2714asm_prod.pdf) B2714 PCB Dimension,
Proto Centroid List and Assembly list Production Centroid List and Assembly list Parts_list
  Front-panel dxf file Front-panel drawing

B2714 PCB Manufacturing Data Files for PCB and Assembly House  
Proto B2714 PCB Specification Production B2714 PCB Specification Design Review Presentation
Proto PCB Manufacturing Data File ( Production PCB Manufacturing Data File (  
Proto PCB Assembly Data File ( Production PCB Assembly Data File (  

ATERA FPGA (EP4CGX15BF14C6) Firmware Files B2714 completed firmware and test files (uploaded on 5/31/2012)
Dual-Hola Configuration VHDL Source File --Available upon request (prepared and tested by Anton, Daping etc.)
Dual-Hola Configuration (.pof) --Available upon request
Dual-Hola Configuration (.sof) --Available upon request  

Other Files  
Cyclone IV datasheet  

CERN S-Link Homepage  
UC-HOLA (Master-Slave Links) Board (B2527)
Contact person: Fukun Tang Electronics Development Group Enrico Fermi Institute University of Chicago (773)-702-7801 fax:(773)-702-2971