ATLAS TileCal - Front End Board For the Demonstrator (UofC EDG CODE B2829 V1.0)

Design Review - June 2014

(I) Review Talk, Schematics and Gerber Plots
B2829 Schematics --This is a pdf schematic file (6 pages)
B2829 Artwork--This is a pdf artwork file (14 pages)

(II) Files for PCB Manufacturing
B2829 Manufacturing Files--This is a zipped file for PCB manufacturing, including Gerber, drill, milling and layer stack-up etc. (19 files)
B2829 PCB Specification File--This is a pdf specification file for PCB layer stack-up and trace impedance controls(1 page)

(III) Files for Board Assembly Automation
B2829 Assembly Automation Files--This is a zipped board automation assembly, including stencil, auto component placement and BOM files etc. (9 files)
B2829 Part Order List--This is a pdf bill-of-material file (2 pages)

(IV) B2829 Printed Circuit Board Image
Top of board Bottom of board
Top of Front End Board Bottom of Front End Board
Assembled card
Fully assembled Front End Board for the Demonstrator

(V) Selected Publications
Front End Electronics
Main Board Design
Demonstrator Readout System

(VI) Comments of Design Review Committee

Link to Main Board for Demonstrator
Link to ATLAS TileCal Demonstrator Project

Prepared by Fukun Tang, Updated: May 22, 2014