ATLAS TileCal - Main Board For the Demonstrator (UofC EDG Code: B2800 V1.0)

Design Review - April 24, 2013, Last Update - June 17, 2014

(I) Review Talk, Schematics and Gerber Plots
Main_Board_Design_Review_Talk.pdf --This is a design review talk (25 pages)
Main Board Schematics (Last updated on April 5, 2013) --This is a pdf file of the Main Board schematics (B-size paper, 25 pages)
B2800 PCB Artworks --This is a pdf file of the PCB Artworks, including PCB layer, drill, miling and stencil plots (20 pages) -- This is a ASCII file of pcb artworks for Gerber Viewer (Using Gerber Viewer can have much higher resolution imagine than PDF file)

(II) Files for Manufacturing -- This is a zipped file of all the artworks for manufacturing, including gerber, drill, milling and layer stack-up files etc. (22 files).
B2800spc.pdf-- This is the PCB specification file for manufacturing (1 page)
B2800_stackup.pdf -- This is a file for suggested PCB stack-up and controlled impedance. Depending on the manufacturier's process setup and materials used, it can be adjusted to meet the requirements (1 page)

(III) Files for Board Assembly Automation -- This is the stencil file for auto-assembly. It can be viewed by Gerber Viewer (2 files) is a zipped board assembly automation file, including stencil and auto component placement and BOM(11 files)
B2800_Component_order_list.pdf -- Components order list for 20 Main Boards (2 pages)
B2800_centroidlist_top_bot_side_06172014.pdf -- Assembly centroid list for Auto Insertion System in board assembly (40 pages)

(IV) Printed Circuit Board Image

thumbnail of mb_pcb - Click to enlarge

thumbnail of MB - Click to enlarge
Populated board

(V) Selected Publications
Front End Electronics
Main Board Design
Demonstrator Readout System

(VI) Comments of Design Review Committee:

Link to Front End Board for Demonstrator
Link to ATLAS TileCal Demonstrator Project

Prepared by Fukun Tang, Updated: June 17, 2014