ATLAS Tilecal: Coincidence Board (B2535)

Coincidance Board  (B2535) Design Files Note from J. Pilcher
Schematics (B2535sch.pdf)              Prototype Card Schematics FYI from Kelby
Artworks (B2536art.pdf) Paper: Stand-alone Cosmic Ray Trigger Electronics for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter           
Assembly Drawings (B2537asm.pdf) LECC 2004 Boston
Assembly list (B2535amslist.xls) Parts_list (parts_list.xls)

A2526PCB  Manufacturing Data Files  for  PCB  House  
Specifications (B2536spc.pdf)    Apperture_table    Drill_Table   Milling_Table
Layer Stack Order and Trace Impedance Control (Z(diff)=90 Ohms)  Trace/Gap = 7/7 mil
Manufacturing PCB Data Files ( (updated on 2/16/06)  
Stencil Data Files ( Board Design Guidelines  VME9Ux400mm Board

ATERA FPGA (EP20K160EBC356-1X) Design Files VME64X  P1, P2 Pin Definitions
FPGA Pin Definitions VME Interface Schematics (for Kelby)
DAC Control Schematics (for Kelby)

Other Files Fully differential amplifier: THS4130  
Apex 20KE  Programble Logic Device Data Sheet 4th-order Active Filter: LT6600-10   1:1 3.5k-125Mhz transformer TTWB1010
Altera Device Package Information Data Sheet Fast Comparator: MAX9010
Configuration Devices for SRAM-Based LUT Devices Data Sheet Operational Amplifiers:  OPA703  SN75110AD  MC10H125M
5-V Terlerance in Apex 20KE Devices Quad 12-bit DAC:  DAC7624 1.25V Voltage Reference: REF3012  DC-to-DC: BRW-5/1500-5DA
EP20K160E Pin Table        Altera 356-BGA Package 60-pin high density connector: 60NFHR-12GT
Apex 20KE IBIS Model (I/O=LVTTL) Bufers: SN74ABTE16245   SN74BCT760 (OC)   1.8V(1A) Voltage Reg: MIC37100-1.8BM

CERN VME Homepage App Notes: Comparator Stability and Hysteresis

Contact person: Fukun Tang Electronics Development Group Enrico Fermi Institute University of Chicago (773)-702-7801 fax:(773)-702-2971