CDF: Pulsar_SRAM Mezzanine M512K Card (B2558)

Mezzanine SRAM M512K (B2558) Design Files DESIGN REVIEW (m4m.pdf)
M512K Schematics (C2557sch.pdf)                M512K Board View
M512K Artworks (B2558art.pdf)   M512K PCB Top View
M512K Assembly Drawings (B2558asm.pdf)     Bill of Materials M512K PCB Bottom View
M512K Component Placement Centroid & Assembly list (B2558asmlist.xls) M512K & M4M Cards Parts_list

M512K (B2558) Data Files  for  PCB  & Assembly House  
Specifications     Apperture_table    Drill Table    Milling Table  
Layer Stack Order and Recommended Layer Thickness (Zo=50 ohm)  Minimum Trace/Gap = 5/5 mil
M512K  Manufacturing Data File Package (  
M512K  Component Placement Centroid List and Assembly List  
M512K  Assembly  File Package ( Board Design Guidelines

Other Files M4M and M512K Cards Design Specification (Mel Shochet)
CY7C1069AV33:       2Mx8 ASRAM Datasheet M4M and M512K Mezzanine Card Connectors' Pin Definitions
CY7C1012AV33:       512Kx24 ASRAM Datasheet
IDT74ALVC162244: 16-bit Buffer/driver Datasheet  
IDT74ALVC162245: 16-bit Bus Transceiver Datasheet NC7SZ86 TinyLogic UHS 2-input Exclusive-OR Gate
EZADT22AAAJ:       Chip RC networks                       
S-link Card dimensions               CMC 64-pin plug

Pulsar Board Homepage S-link-64 Card Specification
Cypress Homepage CMC Mezzanine Card Specification

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