The QUIET Electronics  Box  Backplane (QEBB)



Schematics - The QUIET-EBB prototype  schematics in pdf format.

Layout - QUIET-EBB prototype board fabrication and assembly documentation.

Parts Reference - Component Data sheets.

Trace Analysis


Documentation and Related Materials:

  • QUIET System Design Possible Changes: Note.pdf, Slides.ppt.
  • Guidelines for Module Design and P1/P2 Pin Assignment.
  • Guidelines for P1/P2 Pin Description.
  • Example of card-lock retainer and extractor for modules in the QUIET Electronics Box.
  • Description of power supplies for the first prototype testing



    Pin-out tables for all the modules in the crate:

  • P1 for the MMIC Bias Interface and Phase Switch Interface;
  • P1 for the Housekeeping Interface;

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    Updated on May. 2005.